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  • Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents standoff in pictures

    As reported by Malaysiakini, I was at the scene of the standoff at around 6.45pm to 7.15pm, driving straight from TPM Bukit Jalil to the place after receiving a call from my mother telling me that “riots” had taken place there. The blogger in me overrode my sense of security and as it turned out, there were no riots, of course…just a huge crowd of residents trying to block the lorries from re-barricading the access road from Bandar Mahkota Cheras, with a strong FRU presence too.

    But I’ll let the pictures do the talking….

    08 May

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    1. its crazy. the situation is getting worse. today the newspaper reported that there are thugs there to beat up any residents near to the new barricade that they secretly build at the middle of last night. now even thugs are involved in this, it is beginning to looks like chin.a construction industry. why is the government not doing any other then talking and talking?? really puzzling

      Comment by gunajalanraya — May 28, 2008 @ 10:55 pm

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