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  • Jed Yoong is a biased, one-sided reporter

    I was actually on her side when she was unfairly slapped with a police report for “insulting royalty”, simply for translating an article into English from Tulang Besi’s blog. Now I wonder whether this person deserves any real sympathy, considering her declared open war against me and asking everyone to ban PPS. Why? Because I exercised my administrative right to ban an uncivilised lout and I made a civic duty by lodging a police report for a slander against me (i.e., tattoos and “Maria Ozawa” lies). Are doing these a crime in Malaysia, I ask?

    Sadly, Jed Yoong, an Asia Sentinel reporter, felt fit to repeat those lies without making contact with me or checking out the story first (that is a basic journalistic ethic which she purposely ignored since it involves me). This was what I said on her blog before she decided to “ban” me, and frankly, I really don’t care. If I were a vicious, mean-spirited, 40-something expired medicine spinster who has no life ahead of me, I would probably do a tit-for-tat and just ban her blog from PPS, but that is just so callous and low-spirited. I will not do that because banning someone just for disagreeing with me is wrong. “ShadowFox” was banned for promoting slander against me, being an outright racist and posting inflammatory content and hatred towards Muslims as stated in the police report and for no other reason.

    As for Dr. Dzulkifli Razak’s purported “statement”, they probably made it up out of thin air too. I doubt that I am so important (I am a life member of PAS but do not hold any position in the party) that it warrants the attention of an Executive Council member of PAS and even if it is true, so what? Perhaps the good Doctor was misinformed by these people about the situation. Besides, this issue is not about PAS in the first place. Talk about the classic straw man argument and poisoning the well. Even if I were from PKR or UMNO, it would not make a single difference. Which political party I am from does not factor in the malicious slander and lies that this “ShadowFox” coward and now, Jed Yoong, is repeating and promulgating against me.

    Shame on them, really.

    P.S. For all your talk about free speech, Jed Yoong, your declaration to ban me from your blog just further shows the hypocrisy of your actions. Shame on you, again. I didn’t really care for visiting your low-class blog before and I am not going to start now.

    P.P.S. Ever since I took over administration of PPS, I can confirm that there are 11 new signups for the blog aggregator. If some extremist sections of Malaysian society want to ban it simply because they don’t like my face, hey, by all means you can boycott it. Its going to be their loss however, once PPS has a new design and I pull in more traffic to the site.

    Updated June 02.2010:
    Successfully took over her domain and turned it into a web directory, kah kah kah kah. See the news story here.

    24 Mar


    1. LOL, why do you always get embroiled with '40 something expired spinsters' lah!

      [MENJ: Sigh, I really don't know why. Maybe my face is like a huge magnet for them.]

      Comment by lilian — March 24, 2009 @ 7:12 pm

    2. I see, you bought over PPS, good for you.

      Now kindly delete my membership or registration or whatever that it is called.

      My God forbid me to be affiliated with such, err, ………… people.

      [MENJ: There is no feature for "delete membership" in PPS and PPS is better-off without the likes of you anyway. Come back to PPS when you have become more….sensible.]

      Comment by ducky — March 24, 2009 @ 8:24 pm

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