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  • One great region to consider taking your hunt is to South Carolina

    If you have a group of hunters that would like to get out together for the “big hunt”, you may have a number of individuals with varying degrees of hunting knowledge and experience. Levels may range from hunters that have been out to hunting camps for decades, regaling hunting partners with past conquests over and over again every year, to the novice, whose only exposure to deer hunting has come from watching hunting shows on television. Typically, this mix and match of skill sets would be difficult to accommodate in a group. However, one terrific way to satisfy everyone in the group is to book a guided hunting trip. And if you live anywhere on the eastern side of the U.S., one great region to consider taking your hunt is to South Carolina, where whitetail deer hunting is rich and abundant, and where the hunting season, from August 15th through January 1st, is much longer than in other states.

    Guided hunting trips at highly regarded and highly successful camps, such as the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, just south of Fairfax, SC, near the Savannah River, can provide everything hunters of all levels of experience can enjoy.

    When hunters go to look at potential hunting lodges to visit, they should do a bit of research. They may first look into the lodge itself. Find out what the daily schedule is. Perhaps investigate what recreational activities are on-site; after all, it’s more than likely there will be enough free-time between and after hunts to enjoy other means of recreation. And then, of course, investigate the hunt.

    Find out the duration of the trip. Fine hunting experiences can come in three- and four-day trips. Look into how the hunting schedule is on a daily basis. Is it all day long, or is it split up? Research the area that’s hunted. Is it a large expanse, with whitetail herds fed year-round through a supplemental feeding program? And perhaps investigate success rates at the lodges, and see if they offer your group any guarantees on hunting success.

    A group hunting experience can be an extraordinary experience, something you can enjoy talking about with the others for years to come. Find the right hunting lodge, book your trip, and get ready for the hunt of your lifetime.

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    14 Aug
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