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  • Evolution of the Refrigerator

    What did we do in the days before appliances made our life easier? From your refrigerator to washers, dryers, and air conditioning, life is much more comfortable than it was many years ago. Can you imagine cooling your food with a block of ice or snow? Smoking, curing, and drying food to preserve it for the family were other methods used to ensure that people could store food for the winter.

    The Invention of the Refrigerator

    Before refrigerators that actually cooled food using refrigerant, ice boxes were used. This was basically a box that was lined with a material such as tin and packed with sawdust or straw to help insulate. A block of ice was placed inside to keep the food cool. The ice box had a tray that caught the water as the block of ice melted. The trays usually had to be emptied on a daily basis.

    Refrigerators for the home were invented in the early 1900s although there were various models for commercial use before this time. The first refrigerators were very expensive and typically owned by the wealthy. They also used methyl formate or sulfur dioxide as a refrigerant. Both of the refrigerants were dangerous and could cause a variety of problems from burns to blindness, and even death. Continue reading…

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    02 Sep
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