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    “Ibn Juferi” is the Arabic kunya of MENJ. This is his personal blog with no particular niche in mind, containing all sorts of information and his personal opinion regarding the world around him.

    MENJ is 30/m/BTHO. He was educated at Tadika Sungai Nibong (1985-1986), Sri Inai Junior Penang (1987-1991) and SMK Abdullah Munshi (1993-1997), Pulau Pinang. Sat for NSW HSC at International College Penang (1999). Pursued a degree programme at APIIT, he is currently a full-time ProBlogger and Web Directory Owner and owns an Internet Marketing and SEO company under his name.

    A Muslim Internet activist and student of Comparative Religion, he is dedicated to combating misinformation about Islam. His Islamic outlook was inspired by the late Dr. Ismail Raji al-Faruqi. He is co-founder and Executive Editor of the website Bismika Allahuma. Apart from his active participation as a forum moderator for Al-Ahkam Online and Webmaster Malaysia respectively, he also facilitates and contributes to Israeli Watch. He occasionally writes to Malaysiakini and had been published on Rentakini.

    MENJ has published a comparative religion book entitled Buddhism: A Muslim Primer (Jahabersa, 2005). A second book entitled when Apostates Become Shaykhs (Jahabersa, 2006) was also released as well. He is currently working on the final draft of his third book, tentatively titled “Paulus Dan Kesan Ajarannya” (Paul of Tarsus and The Effects of His Teachings). The official website for this book is located at Apostle of Doom.

    In his spare time, MENJ is obsessed about web standards and reading. He plays chess, loves soccer and supports Selangor FC and Zinedine Zidane. He likes listening to Sami Yusuf, Dawud Wharnsby, Fort Minor, Eminem and Linkin Park.

    To contact MENJ, you may use this contact form.

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