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  • Cognitive dissonance

    When presented with multimedia evidence documenting their crimes, one particular commenter emitted a strong reaction to the idea that they worship “a half-naked Jew”. Of course I admit however that the description was inaccurate; I should have said “a bloodied, half-naked Jew executed as a Roman criminal swinging from a cross”.

    I believe this state of denial is referred to as cognitive dissonance in medical psychology. While on one hand, they will accuse you of being a liar and manipulative in describing their demi-god, on the other hand the description of what they worship is certainly goddamned true. Ever watched Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of Christ” lately? See how they depicted the person they claim to “revere”, in no uncertain terms.

    As for where we stand as Muslims, we believe that the Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, was born of a virgin, he was a mighty Prophet of God who preached God’s message and while his enemies attempted to hunt him down and kill him, he was saved from crucifixion and was raised up to Allah. Glory be to Allah azza wa jalla who has not begotten a Son and is not in need of a Son, and we also bear witness that Jesus alaihissalam is Rasul Allah.

    23 Nov

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