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  • Things To Consider When Purchasing Horse Insurance

    Owning a horse can be a wonderful thing. They can be a lot of fun for you and the family. On the other hand, horses can be expensive to own. Aside from boarding, food and veterinary care, you will also have to take into consideration the horse insurance cost from reputable companies such as Below are some factors to account for when determining how much of a policy to purchase.

    Initial Purchase Price

    When considering how much it will cost to replace your horse, you should account for the amount you initially paid for your horse. This is a good starting point even though your horse’s worth will ultimately change in time. This is where the other considerations will also come into play.


    A horse’s value will typically go up when they have received proper training. From discipline to ground training, the more skills your horse has, the more value they will ultimately be worth and your insurance policy should reflect this.

    Breeding History

    The ability to have successful offspring will also demonstrate the worth of your stallions and mares. Higher values can be determined by the selling price of your horse’s offspring.


    Another way to determine the value of your horse when choosing an insurance policy is by getting an appraisal completed. Many equine appraisers are breed-specific. This is done to ensure accurate appraisals. Look for a professional that has experience and a working knowledge of your breed of horse and discipline. Some horse insurance companies will also accept appraisals completed by veterinarians.

    Market Comparison

    A unique way to try and prove your horse’s value is by comparing it to other similar horses that sold. Some insurers will ask customers to keep files of ads showing asking prices of horses which are similar to your own.

    Purchasing a good horse insurance policy will take a little bit of work. If you try to insure your horse for a lot more than you bought it for, the insurance company might ask you to complete a value-substantiation form in order to justify your claim.

    12 Nov

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