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  • I Got a Job As a Teaching Assistant

    It has been an okay job so far, mostly because the class sizes are relatively small and they seem to get smaller every day this time of the year. Of course I am doing a great deal of the teaching right now, the professor who hired me is mostly focused on research and really hired me in the belief that I would be of help to him in his research. Yesterday he wanted me to find a new source to buy top research chemical online, apparently because he was not happy with some beryllium salts that he had acquired. I understood that, because of the fact that beryllium is a highly reactive element and you do not want to have contaminants you do not know about when you are dealing with that. Obviously when you are doing research it is vital that you have near perfect control of all of you reagents and catalysts.

    I have been doing pretty well in other ways as well. I found a great place to stay about three or four blocks away from campus and a similar distance from the area where much of the local nightlife is located. This sweet widow lives in a big house and she gave me a really good deal on rent once she found out that I am a fair enough handyman. My dad considered it really essential that a man learn how to do things like fix a leaky sink or replace a toilet, and learn to do all the things to maintain a house and yard. So I have been doing stuff for her and we figure out how much rent I still owe. She had a tree fall on her house and it knocked loose a few shingles. I climbed up there with a bow saw and got it down, then I replaced a dozen or so shingles.

    12 Aug

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