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  • It is Not Always a Good Idea to Pretend You’re an Expert with Your Home

    My husband I decided to purchase a fixer-upper home a few years ago. We liked the thought of saving money and making our home better. But we soon began receiving electricity bills that totaled $400 and more each month during the hottest summer months. Friends told us we should look into working with some Chicago insulation contractors to see why our bills were so high, but we held off for awhile, which was a mistake.

    We decided to invest in curtains that would help to keep the front of our house cooler by blocking out more sunlight. It helped some, but not enough. We pulled down the drywall in the front of the house after we learned there were no insulation behind it. We put in the new insulation ourselves and purchased and put up new drywall. If we had done our homework, we would have found out that experts can pump insulation into the wall through a small hole without ripped down drywall and replacing it again. It’s our fault, and not doing research led to use losing more money.

    When we checked out our attic, we realized that there was very little insulation up there, and we suddenly knew why our house was so hot and our money electric bills so high. My husband purchased the type of insulation that you blow into and attic and rented the machine that helps you do it. After 5 hours of doing the work on our own, we were not even done with half the attic. We were worn out, hot and unhappy.

    It was then that we needed to get help and stop being so stubborn. Contractors came in and did the work for us in half the time. They knew what they were doing and it showed. They also pointed out that we didn’t purchase enough insulation, and they doubled the amount they blew into the attic. The end result was that we saw a decrease of 50% on our next month’s utility bill!

    03 Feb

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