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  • Getting a liquor license

    Eating and drinking establishments in Texas that want to serve alcohol have to acquire a Texas liquor license in order to legally serve drinks. The laws surrounding alcohol sales are very complex, and in Texas, they vary from city to city. All of this can make obtaining a liquor license a difficult and time consuming process. The irony is that many small business owners who are trying to open a new bar or restaurant have to go through this complex process at the very same time they are doing all the work of opening up a new business. If that all sounds slightly maddening, it is! Yet it’s all work that must be done in order to have the privilege of serving drinks to customers.

    Why Get a Liquor License?

    Given the time and expense involved in getting a liquor license, some business owners might wonder if it’s all worth the trouble. The fact is that having alcohol available at a restaurant can greatly increased the profit margin. The markup on alcohol is high, and preparing a drink is a lot simpler than preparing food, so ultimately, drinks can represent quick profits for a cafe. All of this is why business owners do go out of their way to obtain a license to sell alcohol.

    Given the complexity of acquiring a license to sell, however, many business owners now hire special consultants to take over the process. There are now consulting agencies that specialize in this type of work, and their knowledge of how things work make it much faster and easier to get a license in place in time for a bar or cafe’s opening day. Yes, it may cost a little to hire a consultant, but once that license comes through, it’s all money in the bank for that business owner.

    11 Oct

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