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  • Christian missionaries arrested in UPM

    Beruk-beruk misionaris

    Twitter FLASH alert from The Malaysian Insider:

    FLASH – Police detain 9 Christian students this morning for alleged covert conversion mission in UPM. claims lawyer Annou Xavier.

    Seems that the missionaries are up to their tricks again. Why am I not surprised? I’ll refrain from commenting more on the issue for now until I know what is going on.

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    15 Jul

    Their dirty tricks

    It looks like the missionaries are up to their dirty tricks again, but in neighbouring country Singapore:

    Last Tuesday Singaporean couple Ong Kian Cheong, 49, and Dorothy Chan Hien Leng, 44 was charged in court for distributing seditious publications. They are alleged to have distributed The Little Bride, a comic meant to tell children that Islam is a very bad religion and that they should get out of it.

    Why such underhand, low-down tactics surprise me no longer? Well, it is certainly something not new to the Malaysian scene for sure, as one can surmise from this. And trust me, this is replicated not only in Malaysia, but in any Muslim-dominated society including Kosovo.

    Why do the pseudo-monotheists keep on doing this despite knowing that it is ethically and morally wrong, you ask? Well, because they are taught to do so by Paul, the Satanic apostle from Tarsus, whom I am currently writing a book about. That, plus the fact that they also don’t care whether its wrong either. Their satanic religion have to be forced into someone else’s throats at all costs.

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    18 Apr

    Priests brawl at Jesus’ birthplace

    This certainly amuses me to no end. It just goes to show that there is nothing of value in their Weltanshauung worth talking about.

    Greek Orthodox and Armenian priests attacked each other with brooms and stones inside the Church of the Nativity as long-standing rivalries erupted in violence during holiday cleaning on Thursday.

    The basilica, built over the grotto in Bethlehem where Christians believe Jesus was born, is administered jointly by Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian Apostolic authorities.

    Any perceived encroachment on one group’s turf can touch off vicious feuds.

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    28 Dec

    Hindus launch attacks on Indian churches

    Hindu terrorism. This is what exactly will happen to this country if Hindraf had their way:

    Hindu extremists attacked Christians celebrating Christmas in eastern India, ransacking and burning at least six village churches, officials said Wednesday. One person was killed in the violence.

    Authorities in the remote district where the churches, most nothing more than mud and thatch houses, were attacked have deployed 450 police to quell the violence, which had tapered off by Wednesday, said Bahugrahi Mahapatra, a government official.

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    26 Dec

    Cognitive dissonance

    When presented with multimedia evidence documenting their crimes, one particular commenter emitted a strong reaction to the idea that they worship “a half-naked Jew”. Of course I admit however that the description was inaccurate; I should have said “a bloodied, half-naked Jew executed as a Roman criminal swinging from a cross”.

    I believe this state of denial is referred to as cognitive dissonance in medical psychology. While on one hand, they will accuse you of being a liar and manipulative in describing their demi-god, on the other hand the description of what they worship is certainly goddamned true. Ever watched Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of Christ” lately? See how they depicted the person they claim to “revere”, in no uncertain terms.

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    23 Nov
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