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  • Eid Mubarak to everyone (except the PEWAHAM)

    I am supposed to post the evidence that was revealed by Pendedahan Ekslusif which nailed Adlin Abd Jalil aka Makcik Shit al Flowerhorni right to the wall, but I am in Eid mode so I don’t feel the urge to do so. I will do that after my Eid holidays.

    In the meantime, enjoy the above photo of my wife and I, taken during the first day of Eid al-Fitr.

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    01 Sep

    The Melayu mindset

    The Malay mindset must be changed to the cries of “Hidup Islam!” and Ketuanan Islam, instead of the so-called “Hidup Melayu!” nonsense. As far as I am concerned, the Melayu can pergi jahanam, but Islam must always be supreme over all.

    Islam can survive without the Malays, but without Islam the Malays are nothing and worse than animals.

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    08 Oct

    A belated Eid Mubarak

    Eid Mubarak! to all Muslims around the world, on occasion of Eid al-Fitr which falls yesterday. I will be taking a break off updating this site for awhile until I feel ready to resume blogging.

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    11 Sep

    TV3’s Raya 2010 advertisement

    No doubt that is offensive, at least to me. And not because of the crappy reasons listed here on several Malay blogs….I don’t buy it. I certainly do not believe in any conspirary theories involving Freemasons or Illuminati, and I certainly don’t think the images in the ad “represent” anything. The only reason I find it offensive is because it equates Eid al-Fitr with a certain pagan festival that involves an old man being pulled by reindeers. Ring any bells?

    Whoever did the ad was certainly not a Muslim if he/she is so ignorant of this little fact.

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    07 Sep

    Finding my inner peace

    Or at least I am hoping that I could stay away from polemical rebuttals throughout the month of the blessed Month of Ramadan. I’ve started a religious mini-site on Lailatul Qadar and a blog dealing with basic Islam issues. But me being me with the activist streak, it just seems impossible to do. These Islamophobes do not know when to call a truce, so there is no time for me to rest either.

    As it is, I have been downloading and leeching a lot of e-books lately, especially pertaining to material on Atheism and its core “beliefs”. I never had any real interest to deal with Atheism before, but for the past few years I have noticed that Atheists are becoming at the forefront of a massive intellectual onslaught on Islam. The Christian missionaries are still around, but they have somewhat taken a backseat. Hence, due to this changing phenomenon, I’ve decided to adapt and deal with Atheism; or in particular, a certain brand known as “militant atheism”.

    I certainly have a lot of catch-up to do this Ramadan.

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    23 Aug

    Christian teachings in a nutshell

    Christian cross

    I am pleased to announce that I am releasing a file (in PDF document) that summarises the teachings of Christianity in a nutshell and analyzes it from an Islamic viewpoint. Essentially, the beliefs of the Christian religion can be listed down as follows:

    • The inheritance of sin
    • Jesus a.s. as the “Son of God”
    • The divinity of Jesus a.s.
    • The crucifixion of Jesus a.s.
    • The concept of the Trinity

    Nauzubillahi min zaalik! Glory to Allah Alone from all that the half-naked man-worshippers associate with Him.

    Continue reading…

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    24 Jan

    A shortcut to Enlightenment

    This video was directed by a Dutch brother as a response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “Submission”. It was never uploaded to YouTube for some reason and a few days ago, I found the original .avi file. So I have taken the liberty of uploading it and I am now posting it here for everyone to view it. Please do spread the word of this movie to everyone you know, we need everyone to know about its existence and to present the real picture of Islam.

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    18 Jan

    Munafik-titis and yoga

    Its amazing how there exist a group of people in this world who claim to be “Muslims” and yet oppose any attempts to make clear issues concerning the aqidah of the Muslims. Such people, whom I should refer to their disease as “Munafik-titis“, will find fault with anything involving the ulama or any fatwa (religious edict) which they think violates their “understanding” of Islam. It does not matter if these people never had any formal religious training in the first place. They still feel that they are qualifed to be the Law, the Judge and the Executioner….and all at once.

    And I seriously doubt that they practiced yoga at any point in their lives either.

    Now coming back to the issue of yoga and Islam, what the National Fatwa Council is planning to do is nothing novel nor are they the first to issue an edict on the matter. It is interesting that I happen to come across and their collection of edicts, where they have made mention of yoga. I reproduce the following from the site mentioned.

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    30 Oct

    Islamic bus ad campaign

    I find it an irony that such bus campaigns are allowed in — of all places! — Chicago, US of A. I doubt such a advert slapped on a RapidKL could take off here in Islam terHad pada Hari-hari tertentu Malaysia…JAKIM will probably receive all kinds of flak from the Islam Liberals and the Islamophobes combined. I can think of a few organisations that will oppose such a move here. But I will officially make it my lifelong ambition to see such an advert promoting Bismika Allahuma to appear on a RapidKL bus one day.

    For those who wish to support the ICNA bus ad campaign, you may donate here.

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    23 Sep

    Ramadan Mubarak!

    In this Blessed Month of Ramadhaan I would like to take the opportunity to wish all Muslims “Ramadhaan Mubarak” and may this month be a joyous occassion for you to complete your fast and seek the mercy of Allah s.w.t.

    May He accept the ibaadah of our fast, ameen!

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    01 Sep

    Looks like the “oath” worked, Saiful

    But it worked against you. It so happens that I came across this verse that aptly describes what is happening. It addressed the munaafiqun (hypocrites) of Madinah who at the time were prone to swearing their “oath of fealty” to the Prophet (P) but break it at the first opportunity, but it is applicable to the current situation.

    “They [the hypocrites] have made their oaths a screen [for their misdeeds]: thus they obstruct [men] from the Path of Allah: truly evil are their deeds.” (Quran: 63: 02)

    Allah is truly Most High, for moving the heart of the ustaadh to reveal the true nature of the “oath” ceremony which turns out to be nothing more than a sham. Ameen!

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    25 Aug

    Playing with Qur’an swearing

    Something about this whole liwat thing bothers me, despite the so-called “Qur’an swearing” and all. I’ve never seen a more relaxed sodomy victim sitting calmly in a room full of pressmen and photographers and taking questions without batting even an eyelid. You would think that a post-traumatic victim of sodomee would show some kind of anxiety disorder or distress after being violated in the butt-hole. But truth is, I do not see any of those signs in Saiful Bukhari Azlan. Do I think he is a victim? The answer is obvious.

    As for the so-called “Quran-swearing” event itself, I have yet to see the video of the actual process taking place so I cannot say for certain what actually transpired, although according to the Malaysiakini reports the scene was recorded and shown to the reporters. I’ve done my fair share of swearing on the Qur’an to respond to the fitna of an Islam Liberal (who has convieniently until today yet to reply) but the way this whole thing is playing out in the “sodomy victim’s” case just does not feel right.

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    16 Aug

    Foreign prejudice

    Here’s another reason for you:

    A British lady was arrested in Dubai and faces up to six years in jail for having drunken sex on the beach and calling a police officer a “f***ing Muslim”, press reported Wednesday.

    Michelle Palmer, 30, was having sex with a British tourist, identified only as Vince, on Dubai’s trendy Jumeirah beach when a police officer spotted the pair, The Sun tabloid revealed.

    The police officer initially let the pair off with a warning, but was forced to take action when he returned to find they had ignored him. When he tried to stop them Palmer allegedly tried to hit him with her shoe, while shouting you “f***ing Muslim ****”, the paper said.

    And you still wonder why Westerners are not welcomed in the Muslim world? I wonder what will happen if a Muslim were to do the same on British soil?

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    11 Jul

    “Why not Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism Laws?”

    This is a very tired, old reaction to anything involving any proposal to revive the Shariah. You will see non-Muslims going up in arms against this idea, even though it is merely at a proposal stage and yet to be properly formulated on how the framework would be or how it will affect both Muslims and non-Muslims. I think these days that is the same case with anything that involves the word “Islam” in it. Nevertheless, it is not my purpose in this post to talk about the Shariah or an Islamic State in Malaysia. That, we can leave for another time. What I want to answer is the insinuation is that “Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism” (or for that matter, any other religion apart from Islam) have a clear and concise idea of what constitutes “statehood” or even has a proper legal framework.

    Continue reading…

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    15 Jun

    “Islam Hadhari” is banned

    I thank Allah Most High for this, for it would not be without Him that this acrimonious “ideology” (I am not sure whether it can even be called one but the Islam Liberals are sure taking advantage of it) called “Islam Hadhari” is utterly banned from two states currently controlled by Pakatan Rakyat. Eventually this “Hadhari” nonsense will be a distant memory in five years’ time, insha’allah.

    Until today, no one, not even that lame-duck who coined the term and is currently warming his Putrajaya seat, knows what this “Islam Hadhari” nonsense really means. Oh yeah, maybe he does try to come close to a definition, but as far as I am concerned, it is simply an “ISLAM yang terHAD pada HARI-hari yang tertentu sahaja”.

    I think that would be a good definition of this “Hadhari” this and “Hadhari” that nonsense.

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    28 May
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