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  • On atrocious English and Arabic translation of “dhalika”

    An interesting polemic that has been lodged by a Christian missionary in a Facebook comment recently:


    “I think this phrase of “go at each others’ throats” should be more appropriate to use between Sunni and Sh’ia”: Very sneaky of you to attack the Muslims indirectly, while at the same time gloss over the dispute between the Catholics and Protestants, not to mention the brutal wars they have fought against each other in Europe in the past. So that phrase is more applicable to you and your brethren, since the Sunni / Shi’a dispute has never resulted in major wars between each other.

    “On Jesus and Isa, do you know, how this ‘Isa’ name in Arabic come from?”: Please don’t bore me with that stale story about it coming from Esau, the rejected brother of Jacob. That is a common polemic which I have heard too many times from ignorant Christian missionaries such as yourself. Suffice to say that the origins of the word ‘Isa is Aramaic and it is much more accurate than the atrocious Hebrew name “Yeheshua” which you attribute to Jesus, son of Mary.

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    10 May

    Christian teachings in a nutshell

    Christian cross

    I am pleased to announce that I am releasing a file (in PDF document) that summarises the teachings of Christianity in a nutshell and analyzes it from an Islamic viewpoint. Essentially, the beliefs of the Christian religion can be listed down as follows:

    • The inheritance of sin
    • Jesus a.s. as the “Son of God”
    • The divinity of Jesus a.s.
    • The crucifixion of Jesus a.s.
    • The concept of the Trinity

    Nauzubillahi min zaalik! Glory to Allah Alone from all that the half-naked man-worshippers associate with Him.

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    24 Jan

    Similarities of the Egyptian god Horus with the Christian Jesus

    Horus is an Egyptian god, from 3000 BC.

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    20 Mar

    Horus, the “Son of God”

    Interesting video of note, this will certainly shock the Islamophobes into submission.

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    06 Feb

    The Passion of Isa alaihissallam

    Trust me, this is very different from the “Passion” of some half-naked man swinging from a cross (which is of course not Jesus, alaihissallam).

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    04 Feb

    Sirat al-Mustaqim and John 14:6

    There is a common polemic by the half-naked man worshippers that the phrase “sirat al-mustaqim” (“the straight path”) in Sura’ al-Fatihah refers to John 14:6. How this silly notion got transposed and spread itself is something beyond my ken and certainly a most ridiculous understanding that only the stupidest of the stupid will fall for. After all, if a phrase is taken out of context, it can certainly almost always be made to support or be taken to mean anything. Logically, to make the assumption that the Qur’an support Christian doctrines is nonsensical, since there are various other passages in the Holy Book that denounces the Trinity, the worship of Jesus and the notion that God has even begotten a Son! The Qur’an is unequivocal in the denunciation.

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    01 Jan

    Cognitive dissonance

    When presented with multimedia evidence documenting their crimes, one particular commenter emitted a strong reaction to the idea that they worship “a half-naked Jew”. Of course I admit however that the description was inaccurate; I should have said “a bloodied, half-naked Jew executed as a Roman criminal swinging from a cross”.

    I believe this state of denial is referred to as cognitive dissonance in medical psychology. While on one hand, they will accuse you of being a liar and manipulative in describing their demi-god, on the other hand the description of what they worship is certainly goddamned true. Ever watched Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of Christ” lately? See how they depicted the person they claim to “revere”, in no uncertain terms.

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    23 Nov

    What a filthy little lie!

    Someone is definitely lying here:

    And for your info, I faced the same thing in PRIMARY SCHOOL. The ustaz actually said that Mother Mary had eaten a seed from heaven that made her get pregnant, and there was also something about boils (which I cannot remember).

    Point 1: There is no existence of any “seed from heaven” which Mary (P) consumed and made her pregnant. No such story exists in either the Qur’an or hadith.

    Point 2: Mary (P) became pregnant by God’s command, “kun faya kun” (“Be, and it is!”) and Gabriel came down to bring Mary (P) the news of the birth of Jesus (P)

    Point 3: Nothing about boils either!

    Qur’anic verse:

    “And Mary the daughter of ‘Imran, who guarded her farj; and We breathed into it of Our Spirit.” (Qur’an, 66:12)

    And I highly doubt that an “ustaadh” will ever make a filthy lie about seeds and heavens. So tell me, who is lying here?

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    30 Jan
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