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  • Jealous blogger making lies again

    It seems like the liberal blogger is making a fool out of himself again. Claiming that I have reached “new lows of stupidity”, this person is obviously jealous that I have been making a killing from blogging off the internet, while he makes…well, none. This is not the first time this person lies. I would like to recap on what happened sometime last year when he made the ridiculous suggestion that I was posting porno links to PPS.

    Nothing heard from him since this video was made, eh? Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah. That is my credo.

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    06 Feb

    Sirat al-Mustaqim and John 14:6

    There is a common polemic by the half-naked man worshippers that the phrase “sirat al-mustaqim” (“the straight path”) in Sura’ al-Fatihah refers to John 14:6. How this silly notion got transposed and spread itself is something beyond my ken and certainly a most ridiculous understanding that only the stupidest of the stupid will fall for. After all, if a phrase is taken out of context, it can certainly almost always be made to support or be taken to mean anything. Logically, to make the assumption that the Qur’an support Christian doctrines is nonsensical, since there are various other passages in the Holy Book that denounces the Trinity, the worship of Jesus and the notion that God has even begotten a Son! The Qur’an is unequivocal in the denunciation.

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    01 Jan

    Radio host sues CAIR for quoting him

    What do you do if you are a bigoted, American radio talk show host and was quoted by an Islamic civil rights group as having referred to the Qur’an as “a throwback document” and a “book of hate”? You sue them in court, of course.

    A conservative radio talk show host sued an Islamic civil rights group on Monday for copyright infringement over the organization’s use of a portion of his show in which he called the Quran a “book of hate.”

    Michael Savage said the Washington, D.C.-based Council on American- Islamic Relations, or CAIR, violated his rights by wrongfully using a 4-minute segment of his Oct. 29 “The Savage Nation” show in a letter- writing campaign directed against talk radio advertisers. Audio from the show remained on CAIR’s Web site Monday.

    LOL, whatever happened to “free speech”? It seems that the Land of the Free is not so “free” after all when it comes to Islamophobes and their sense of myopic “superiority” (not!) over Islam. So what did Savage really say that made him all hot and bothered over it?

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    05 Dec
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