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  • On atrocious English and Arabic translation of “dhalika”

    An interesting polemic that has been lodged by a Christian missionary in a Facebook comment recently:


    “I think this phrase of “go at each others’ throats” should be more appropriate to use between Sunni and Sh’ia”: Very sneaky of you to attack the Muslims indirectly, while at the same time gloss over the dispute between the Catholics and Protestants, not to mention the brutal wars they have fought against each other in Europe in the past. So that phrase is more applicable to you and your brethren, since the Sunni / Shi’a dispute has never resulted in major wars between each other.

    “On Jesus and Isa, do you know, how this ‘Isa’ name in Arabic come from?”: Please don’t bore me with that stale story about it coming from Esau, the rejected brother of Jacob. That is a common polemic which I have heard too many times from ignorant Christian missionaries such as yourself. Suffice to say that the origins of the word ‘Isa is Aramaic and it is much more accurate than the atrocious Hebrew name “Yeheshua” which you attribute to Jesus, son of Mary.

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    10 May
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