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  • The Appearance of a Professional

    Printing business cards in Brisbane was a great way for me to save money and look more professional to the average person. While listening to an Internet radio station one day, I heard a tip from the host that having business cards will give you a professional look, even if you don’t have a business or work for any business. An employee or the owner of a company having a business card made sense to me, but the average person didn’t. The radio host said that even if you don’t have a business, people will still see your name on the printed card and think highly of you.

    I decided to test this theory by having some business cards of my own made. I made a design on my computer and sent it off to have the cards made. The prices at the Brisbane store were cheaper than other stores, which is why I chose them. I had 100 cards made to pass out around town. The cards had my phone number and email address on them, along with a logo for my company that didn’t actually exist

    While riding the train, I gave a business card to an attractive woman. At a coffee shop, I left a business card on the table along with a tip when I was done having a light snack. I gave out some more at a gathering held at an art museum. The woman from the train gave me a call and wanted to have lunch with me. The same thing happened when a waitress from the coffee shop called me. People who I met at the art museum started sending me emails about business proposals and art auctions. I think I bit off a little more than I could chew with the art people.

    28 Sep

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