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    I am a Christian music artist and I have wanted to get my music out to the public for awhile now. So I thought one great way to do that is to have a website where people can come and listen to music and even buy it too. So I got with my best friend from college and we made a great website. I knew people would be receptive if they just knew it was out there. I knew the only way to get that to happen was to get traffic, when I found the site5 coupon online I was able to get lots of great deals on hosting and other things that would help me get lots of traffic to my website. Web hosting and other things like search results programs can be very expensive so getting a discount from your website was very helpful for me. Over the last few weeks I have definitely seen the traffic level of my website go up. I have also seen the sales of my music downloads go up too. I know this is going to be a great way to get my music to a lot more people.

    One other thing that I added to my website was a place where people can book me for their events. At first I would only get a couple events during the year before I had my website, but now thanks to my website I have already gotten six new events planned for this year. Since my website was doing so well I decided to help our church choir group put together a website for them. Plus with the codes I found from your website, there costs for getting their website up and running was a lot cheaper too. Thanks for keeping the coupon codes current, because some websites don’t do that.

    22 Nov

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