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  • Understanding the Independent Political Party Beliefs

    While Democratic and Republican candidates tend to dominate the field during American elections, the Independent Party generally places its own candidate on the ballot. From economics to energy resource management, the beliefs of Independent Party candidates address the same issues as those held by politicians who are running as Republicans or Democrats.

    While Conservative and Liberal Party members tend to have opposing views on almost every subject, those who align themselves with the Independent Party tend to take an intriguing, unique stand on the issues that plague the nation. For example, if the Conservative candidate thinks that energy should be harvested from coal and fracking and the Liberal candidate wants to install solar panels and take advantage of renewable energy resources, the Independent candidate may opt to burn hydrogen. By finding new methods to solve the nation’s big problems, the Independent Party creates a safe, comfortable middle ground for voters who are not in strong agreement with the Democratic or Republican candidates in any given independent political party beliefs election.

    Economics are another issue that future political leaders use in their fierce battle to gain the majority of the public’s support; in the 2016 Presidential Election, both major candidates offer opinions on the country’s economic situation: While the Republican nominee believes that reforming the tax code to better promote business among the wealthy as a means to economic growth, the Democratic nominee feels strongly that cutting taxes for the middle class will best provide for the nation’s future. Because the Independent Party candidate appeals to those who do not agree with the beliefs of either of the major parties, this individual takes a an original economic view that rebuilds the American economy by creating more blue collar, low wage jobs in an effort to form a stronger economic foundation for the country.

    Similarly, the Independent Party believes in creating stronger communities through the rehiring of laid-off public servants such as police officers, firefighters and educators. Independents also aim to use unconventional funding methods to ensure that plans come to fruition rather than resorting to the bipartisan bickering that frequently occurs when spending is brought before Congress.

    Overall, those who possess any curiosity whatsoever about the Independent Party will want to become better acquainted with its ideals through many of the free or low-cost publications available. Regardless of party affiliation, educating oneself is the key to electing responsible leaders.

    12 Oct

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